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Here at Liftshare we are constantly innovating to provide sustainable, useful and relevant Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to the world’s mobility problems. After nearly 20 years of doing what we do, we have reinvested to understand what encourages modal shift, and what we know is this: Behaviour change can only occur when users are made aware of the full scope of their transport options.

In other words, people need to understand all of the transport options available to them, as well as the relative costs and benefits of each for the individual, the community and the environment, if we are to encourage people into regular engagement with sustainable transport.

People need information. They need options. They need incentives. But that’s not all.

The rising profile of discussions surrounding Mobility as a Service (MaaS) highlights the critical need for information to be presented in a way that is quickly and easily accessible.

Enter… Scoping.

The scoping process takes departure and destination postcode data and arrival times and uses this data to analyse groups of commuters, i.e. groups of people with existing travel habits we need to change.

Armed with this analysis, we are able to produce a scoping report, which demonstrates the most appropriate sustainable travel solutions for these commuter groups, meaning that initiatives can be targeted according to what is likely to bring about the greatest degree of measurable change.

Not only this, but we are also able to demonstrate the financial and environmental impact a switch to sustainable and active modes of travel will have when implemented. Another added benefit of the scoping process is that we are able to identify areas of genuine transport poverty, where requirement is high and accessibility is low, and bring this to the attention of transport providers.

By using data analysis to help us make informed decisions we can concentrate our efforts in the right places to bring about real impact in modal shift.

Hear about scoping-in-action at the Modeshift 2017 Convention

We will be sharing live case studies of how local County Councils and organisations are using this tool to drive greater impact of their investment in sustainable travel. Jules Staples, Client Project Manager at Liftshare will be presenting during the ‘focus on workplaces and communities’ seminar in the South Hall between 9.15am-10.30am on Friday 10 November 2017.

We look forward to seeing you at the Convention.



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