Wigan Council Launch new staff car share scheme

Wigan Council's latest initiative to help reduce staff car parking problems is to install car share bays on Chapel Lane car park.

Staff were invited to enrol free of charge on the Greater Manchester Car Share website http://www.carsharegm.com and match themselves up with potential buddies travelling to work. This is a simple, quick and easy way for staff to choose the person they would like to car share with albeit one, two, three days a week or every day.

Car Share permit holders still have the opportunity to go to meetings or on site visits and then return to the car share bays as long as they have brought their car share buddy in and return to base to take them home.

The four car share bays will be monitored and evaluated during the 28 days trial period and when more staff are matched then bays will be extended to accommodate additional car sharers.

The benefits of car sharing include:

Any staff interested in applying for a car share bay need to register free on http://www.carsharegm.com and match up with a member of staff from Wigan Council Campus.

Staff using the car sharing bays said:

“The introduction of the new car share bays on Chapel Lane Car Park has taken away a lot of the stress of finding a space in the morning. It can sometimes take me quite a while to get to work, due to heavy traffic on Manchester Road, and we have often missed out on finding a space on Chapel Lane being forced to park further away from the office. Rewarding staff in this way for car sharing is a great idea because not only does it takes away that stress, it also means there are less vehicles on the road network and reduces carbon emissions.”

“I think the car share programme is a really good idea. It saves pressure of trying to find a car space. It works very well for us me and I tend to come and go at similar times as my car share buddy. It also saves on fuel!”

“With a dedicated car share area on the staff car park means that we do not have to rush in a morning if late and it is good for the environment. In addition, when going out to site on a regular basis, I do not have to worry whether there is a space free on returning.”

Dawn Jones Planning Policy and Sustainable Travel Plan Officer at Wigan Council who implemented the scheme said,

“This new initiative has received a positive reaction from members of staff and there are more staff matching up regularly. It has been a long time coming but staff are embracing the change which will help towards our car parking problems. By reducing the numbers of cars to our site we are also contributing towards reducing Co2 emissions, air quality and health and well-being amongst our employees”.



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