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At last… summer is here! And did you know 27 June is International Sunglasses Day? What’s that got to do with promoting sustainable travel? Although the event is organised by the Vision Council and is about raising awareness of good eye care, it is also a chance for schools to have a ‘Wear Your Shades’ walk to school event.

Awareness Days can often provide the inspiration for a walk to school event with a difference. Here at Brightkidz I regularly post blogs on our own website with ideas such as this along with information aimed at parents and teachers about active travel for children. Our other ideas for April to June activities may inspire you for next year too! See

Another recent event we have been promoting is Outdoor Classroom Day held on 18 May in which over a million children worldwide are taken out of their classrooms to learn and play outside. See how we related this to active travel and school travel plans on our blog post

Walk to School Week organised by Living Streets is a fantastic initiative which of course you are all familiar with. We decided to get back to basics and look at 10 good reasons to walk to school… it may be obvious to us but there will always be parents out there who could do with understanding why it’s about so much more than a sticker or badge.

If you have any schools planning events, you will get the most benefit if they get good press coverage. As journalists aren’t mind-readers, a press release is important and can be integrated into a literacy lesson. Check out our tips for writing press releases for walk to school events.

Finally a brief update on what has been going on behind the scenes at Brightkidz: We’ve just relaunched our website so it is much easier to find your way around and use on all devices. Please take a look at

We’re always developing our range of products to promote walking to school, cycling and road safety so hope there will be something there for your initiatives - if you need any advice on products please email or ring our sales office on 01536 526461 where my colleagues Jacqui and Lance will be happy to help.

Alison Holland



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