Modeshift Convention - It's not too late

If you haven't yet booked for this year's Convention on the 9th and 10th November in Sheffield, 'The Future of Sustainable Travel', places are going quickly so please book today while you still can.

Awards voting closes today at 6pm

We wanted to remind you that voting closes for this year's awards  today at 6pm

Partner Blog from Stylebrands - To buy, or not to buy British!

You’ve probably had the thought yourself while standing in the supermarket – do you buy that UK honey or go for the “blended” variation for half the price? Or, if not honey, then maybe your salad? Did it come from down the road or 2000 miles away?

Partner Blog from BROXAP - Cycling for part of your commute

Commuting long distances to get to work is fast becoming the new normal. Over 3.7 million workers in the UK are now travelling for more than two hours or longer every weekday in order to get to work. This vast amount of people comes from the fact that more and more of us are choosing to live outside of the big cities such as London, or Manchester and travel in for work. Many people who choose to make the commute decide against taking their car, and decide to take the train instead. And though this is the best option for both the environment and public health, they still need to get to the station in the first place.

Love to Ride super successful #CycleSeptember

Love to Ride would like to thank everyone who got on a bike to make this year’s Cycle September such a huge success! It’s the third national workplace cycling competition we’ve run and it was the biggest and best so far.

Modeshift Convention - book today to avoid disappointment

If you haven't yet booked for this year's Convention on the 9th and 10th November in Sheffield, 'The Future of Sustainable Travel', places are going quickly so please book today while you still can.

Modeshift guest blog for Brightkidz

This week Modeshift Chair, Ross Butcher, was happy to write a guest blog for Brightkidz, one of our partners.  The blog was all about who we are, what we do and how we can support local authorities, organisations and businesses to help their staff, members, customers, and community to travel more sustainably.

Commuting and wellbeing

Headline findings from a recent study on commuting and wellbeing showed that:

European Mobility Week 16th to 22nd September

European Mobility Week is running this week up to 22nd September with the theme centring around shared forms of transport: "Sharing gets you further".

Partner Blog from Pindar Creative - Digital or traditional Printed Maps - which way should you choose?

With advances in smartphones and tablets, we are now able to access mapping anywhere, at anytime.  So you might think ‘Is there only one option’?  However, both printed and digital maps have their place, and sometimes, the choice can simply be made by answering the following questions:

Liftshare Week 2-8 October 2017 - there’s someone for everyone

Liftshare Week takes place in the UK every October with the aim of celebrating the social, environmental and financial benefits of car-sharing. For example, the typical commuter who car-shares every day saves about £1,000 a year. Not only that, but everyone who shares contributes to dramatically cutting their carbon footprint and reducing congestion, with the added bonus of great company on the daily commute. We’ve created an online savings calculator so everyone can check how much money and CO2 they could save annually.

Getting involved is easy

During Liftshare Week we’re encouraging people to give it a try and to raise awareness about how simple it is and that it is open to all, no matter the destination. Sharers don’t even need a car to get involved; many members are happy to give passengers a lift in return for a contribution to their fuel costs and good conversation.

Around Liftshare Week, anyone who uses the Liftshare system between 25 September – 15 October will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win £250*, to spend however they like. To qualify, members just have to search for a journey match and get in touch with a member via a message or a request to share. It’s that simple. And to say ‘thanks for sharing’, those who are already in a Liftshare team will be automatically entered.

Supporting your organisation’s sustainability commitments

Whether you are looking to reduce parking and congestion problems, lower carbon emissions, promote healthier and more sustainable ways to get to work or improve accessibility to jobs, introducing a car-sharing scheme is an easy way to make a positive impact.

Liftshare currently implements schemes for over 800 organisations across the UK, enabling over one million journeys per month. For any help and support with using Liftshare, please drop us a line at or to find out more about setting up a scheme, visit and chat live with Andrew!

Find out more at

Voting for the 2017 National Sustainable Travel Awards is now open

Well done to the 30 finalists in this year's National Sustainable Travel Awards. The Management Board found the shortlisting process particularly difficult this year as there were so many excellent nominations.

A huge thank you to all Members who submitted an application and commiserations to those that have not been shortlisted on this occasion. We received 90 applications over 10 categories, evidence that there's some fantastic, innovative work being carried out all over the country.

There are some excellent examples of good practise, which we will share in our website Knowledge Share section after the Convention. Please consider sharing information on your project at your Regional Meeting.

Please take a look at the shortlist on the Awards 2017 page and cast your vote for your favourite. Each individual Member has one vote per category, and the average vote for each organisation will be calculated to give the final score from that organisation.

Partner Blog - PWLC - Markets, Rubbish, and Services Delivery Plans - Unintentional Sustainability

Would any one want a fairly large, noisy, smelly trash compactor sitting outside their business, or home? This is essentially the question we needed to ask businesses and residents when commissioned by Lambeth Council to project manage their Lower Marsh Regeneration Project in 2012. As part of the design, a trash compactor that sat directly on a piece of public realm that the Council wanted to develop needed to find a new home, but as the question might suggest an answer wasn't going to be simple. We tried, people objected. Lower Marsh did and still does generate a large volume of refuse because it holds a weekday and Saturday street market selling mostly hot food with a mix of delicious cakes, antiques, flowers and the like. The question became ‘how does one manage so much refuse?’ Lambeth's answer was 'feed it to the trash compactor!' After all, it only needed emptying 5 times a week - that's a good thing right?

Unfortunately for Lambeth no one on Lower Marsh really wanted it relocated anywhere near them, so we came to a solution with the Local Business Improvement District to identify sites for underground bins. These large subterranean bins hold 5t of refuse or recyclables in them, but just appear as a standard bin receptacle on the street. I'll spare you the boring / technical details of identifying spots but we found a willing participant on private land who was happy to take two of them in exchange for free refuse and recycling. A deal was brokered, the bins were installed as a part of the wider improvement works and we had a massive ribbon cutting event to celebrate it on Waterloo Carnival day dressing up as baboons, lions and gypsies.

We've come a fair way since 2012 and when we look back at Lower Marsh and the rationale for installing the bins, (essentially getting rid of an eyesore), it achieved and continues to achieve so much more than that. We knew it would help Lambeth to recycle more and we considered that it would contribute to reduced vehicle trips (and consequent carbon omissions) but certainly not to the significant extent that it has.

Retrospectively sustainable? No, we didn't set out to do environmental good, but some benefits have occurred and a lot more is needed. Poor air quality is one of the most formidable challenges of our generation and Cross River Partnership (CRP) are leading from the front to try and tackle this problem by coming up with innovative ways to improve Air Quality across London.

Continuing in this vein of food, markets and rubbish we were then really excited in 2016 to be commissioned by CRP to undertake a Delivery Service Plan study across three London markets - not so much because we LOVE street market food but we also got to go back to our old friends at Lower Marsh, as well as East St Market in Southwark and Chapel Market in Islington to talk to hundreds of market traders and businesses about how they receive deliveries to their stalls or shops. Asking whether they would be interested in jointly procuring goods and services in order to reduce the amount of vehicle trips made into central London.

It was really encouraging to see traders and small businesses either express an interest, or note that they were already partaking in joint procurement through their existing relationships with each other or through a Business Improvement District. In one symbiotic example, a market trader used the refrigerator of a nearby shop to store their food products - saving them the hassle of having to regularly restock. In exchange for this, the market trader took on the name of the shop to help promote the business.

Traders and businesses were surprised when we commended them for their sustainability credentials - their sheepish grins said it all really - any sustainability angle was completely unintended. Unintentional Sustainability folks - they'll be telling their mates how much good they are doing for the environment now we reckon ????.

Modeshift Convention 2017 Draft Agenda published

Modeshift is proud to now publish the draft agenda for our Two-day convention on November 9th and 10th in Sheffield.

The theme this year is 'The Future of Sustainable Travel'.

The full agenda can be found on our Convention page -

You can book to attend at

There are booking options for residential spaces and non-residential spaces.

Please book now!

Modeshift CPD Training: Effective School Travel Programmes

Modeshift are delighted to announce the launch of our second CPD-accredited training course – Effective School Travel Programmes.

As a follow on to our first course (Introduction to Travel Plans), our Effective School Travel Programmes course is targeted at new and existing local authority staff and has been designed to provide you with a detailed appraisal of how best to deliver your own School Travel programme. Delegates will review their existing School Travel programme with Modeshift’s expert facilitators and pick up tips and best practice from other local authorities around the country. The ultimate aim is for you to take away a number of ideas to implement in your local authority with a refreshed approach to engaging schools in the promotion of sustainable and active travel delivery.

Sessions include:

  • Understanding the target audience
  • Developing School Travel Strategies
  • Building an effective stakeholder network
  • Engaging with educational establishments
  • Delivering effective interventions

The first instalment of this course will run in Manchester on Monday 9th October from 09:00 to 15:30. The cost per delegate is £199 for Modeshift Members and £375 for non-Members. For more details and to book your place, please visit

Please note that places are strictly limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. For more information, please email

Free Evaluation Training Workshop

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and Public Health England are running a joint evaluation training workshop on the 25th October at TfL offices, Palestra House, 197 Blackfriars Rd, London SE1 8JZ from 13:00-16:30.

Registration for the workshop is free of charge.

The workshops will be hosted by Nick Lloyd (Road Safety Manager) and Becky Needham (Research and Evaluation Officer) (RoSPA) and Susan Koffler-Sluijter (Regional Lead South East England) (Public Health England). Please note that places on this workshop are limited and will be allocated by date of registration of interest. Therefore, it is advised that those who are interested book their place early to avoid disappointment.

The first part of the afternoon will look at how to evaluate a road safety or sustainable travel intervention and will last for 1 ½ hours. The workshop will cover:

  • What evaluation is
  • Why you need to evaluate
  • When the best time to evaluate is
  • The basic steps to evaluating an education, training or publicity project

The free resources available on including the E-valu-it toolkit and evaluation webcasts.

The second half of the afternoon will look at the newly available PHE fingertips data which can be used in conjunction with STATS 19 data as part of the evaluation process or bench marking compared to other authorities. This session will cover:

  • What Fingertips is, where to find it, how to navigate it.
  • Home page, Child and Road Casualty Data, by theme of Unintentional Injuries.
  • All the visualisation options: Overview, Maps, Profiles, Trends, Comparisons, Inequalities.
  • Definitions, data sources, confidence intervals and download data options
  • Interpretation and further investigation as to causes or prevention options

This free workshop will benefit anyone who is involved in road safety education, training or publicity delivery.

To register for the workshop, please email confirming your name,, organisation, job title and contact details.

If you have any questions about the training workshop, please contact Becky Needham via email at or by telephone on 0121 248 2149.

Partner Blog - Scoot Fit

Hello Modeshift Members - my name’s James Rodger and I’m from Scoot Fit, a new sporting activity helping children and adults staying fit and healthy on scooters in nurseries, schools and workplace settings.

Scoot Fit is a company dedicated to getting more people active using push scooters.

We deliver training and the sale of equipment for Scoot Fit.

We’re really excited to be working with Modeshift because our aim is social change and to reduce the amount of cars on the road.

Did you know?

Children can achieve their recommended daily physical allowance in a 35mins Scoot Fit session

Scooting burns 30% more calories than cycling

Scooting is safer than cycling

You can complete a 20 minute walk in 7 mins on a scooter.

40% of children under the age of 7 cannot scoot in a straight line.

The future is scooting!!!

I have to scoot now but I look forward to meeting everyone at the conference in November.

Opportunities to join the Modeshift Board - now open, apply today.

Joining the Modeshift Management has been described by current board members as a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Board members have the opportunity to shape the future of the organisation whilst developing skills, experience and knowledge in sustainable travel.

Modeshift is led by a management board of voluntary members who are transport professionals in the field of sustainable travel. Positions on the board last for two years and the time has come for members to apply to join the board. There are no cost implications for you or your Local Authority, just some of your time depending on the role.

There are seven positions that members can apply for and they include;

  • Vice-chair - schools and Modeshift STARS focus
  • Vice-chair - Business and Modeshift STARSfor focus
  • Treasurer
  • Regional rep for London
  • Regional rep for Midlands
  • Regional rep for the NW
  • Regional rep for the NE, Y&H

If you wish to apply to join the board then please email for information and an application form

The deadline to apply to join the board is Friday 22nd September. All successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified by the end of October before a formal announcement is made at the AGM.

Bright News

If you work in promoting safe, active, sustainable travel for children... especially if you are new to the sector... then Bright News is for you! This monthly e-newsletter from Modeshift partner Brightkidz is packed with product news, offers, campaign info and events.

You may spot some familiar faces as we like to feature Modeshift members a lot!

To sign up visit

The Big Clean Up
In preparation for next May's changes in the law regarding data protection (GDPR) and to make sure we only send our e-newsletter to those who still want it, we are having a clean up here at Brightkidz.

We will be contacting everyone who has previously signed up to receive our Bright News e-newsletter to check it is still relevant to them. However, if you already receive Bright News and would like to be sure you will continue to do so, please email us

Bullying on Buses Surveys

As part of a larger project exploring experiences of bullying on school buses Nathalie Noret (a researcher at York St John University) and Paul Vodden (a national campaigner) are conducting a short survey of bus drivers of private buses. The project will explore experiences of witnessing bad behaviour and bullying on the school bus, and how effective you believe things like CCTV are for preventing bad behaviour. The surveys will be completed by bus drivers, parents and young adults. As part of the project a survey has also been sent to Local Authorities. This survey refers to the Department for Education's statutory guidance on home to school travel. In particular we are seeking information on any audit of school transport undertaken by local authorities. Survey of parents is at: Survey of children: Survey of bus drivers:

961 schools have now achieved Modeshift STARS

A further 273 schools across the country have achieved Modeshift STARS accreditation this summer taking the total number of schools that have achieved STARS in 2016/17 to 594.

Modeshift STARS is supported by the Department for Transport and has been established to recognise schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. The scheme encourages schools across the country to join in a major effort to increase levels of sustainable and active travel in order to improve the health and well-being of children and young people.

64 local authorities and almost 3,000 schools have signed up to participate in the STARS scheme. Since the inception of the scheme, 961 schools nationally have achieved accreditation. To view all of the accredited schools please click here.

For more details on the STARS scheme please visit or contact

STARSfor Sustainable Travel Awards Scheme Goes Live

It is with great pleasure that Modeshift can announce that the STARSfor Sustainable Travel Awards scheme is now live!

STARSfor is the National Accreditation scheme which recognises organisations that have shown excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel through the delivery of effective Travel Plans.

The STARSfor system is an online portal that:

· Supports the development and implementation of Travel Plans

· Assists in the monitoring and evaluation of Travel Plans

· Recognises and rewards excellence for the promotion of sustainable travel

Why STARSfor?

· Saves time and money – STARSfor saves time when creating a Travel Plan therefore reducing the cost of writing the document

· Supports the planning process – a direct communication channel with local authority Planning & Transport teams

· Delivers on Corporate Social Responsibility objectives – STARSfor can help organisations to support sustainable travel in the community

· Supports the development of a healthy and sustainable workforce – STARSfor is about creating a healthier and more productive workforce

· Helps meet BREEAM standards – via the production of a national standard Travel Plan

· Provides National Accreditation – national recognition for an organisation’s achievements and the chance to win National Awards

STARSfor is completely flexible for organisations and is focussed on what they can achieve by developing relevant travel solutions that are fit for purpose.

37 local authorities across the country are already using STARSfor to develop and monitor Travel Plans in their local area. Modeshift are currently offering free 1-month trials of the system so you can see if it might work for your area. For more information, please email

Cycle to Work Day - 13th September 2017

Cycle to Work Day encourages adults across the UK to get on their bike and give cycle commuting a go for one day. Why – because cycling to work is brilliant! It’s an easy way to boost your health and fitness, improve your wellbeing and show some love to the environment.

This year’s event takes place on Wednesday 13th September. Cycle to Work Day started in 2013, and every year this annual event has grown. Today, it’s a way of celebrating those who are already passionate cycle commuters, as well as those who are giving it a go for the very first time.

For more information about Cycle to Work Day and how you can get involved visit

Partner Blog - Cambridge Schools Get Cycling Boost

Five schools in Cambridge have enjoyed a 5-week period of concentrated cycling activities as part of the Bikeability Plus project. Funding secured from the Department for Transport by Cambridgeshire County Council gave Outspoken Training the opportunity to deliver a mixture of activities designed to excite, enthuse, and encourage pupils to cycle to school more often.

The results were fantastic with average cycling rates going from 25% to 39% across all the schools.

Each school enjoyed a high-energy, fun-packed launch event of a bicycle try-out show with pedal-powered music which created a real buzz around the school, engaging pupils, teachers and parents with the project aims. The launch was followed by weekly activities delivered by Outspoken’s Project Officers, which included balance bike training, learn to ride sessions, and bike maintenance lessons.

“I wanted to pass on a very big thank you to Nancy, who ran a course that my son attended at school in Great Shelford. I have no idea what magic she performed to get my unconfident son (who was not sure of using his bike even with stabilisers) to ride perfectly without them, within an hour. He's loving his new skill, thank you!” – Parent

Partner Blog - Better Ways to Travel - How Social Enterprises are Promoting Safe, Active, Sustainable Journeys

Beep beep! Another traffic jam - you're going to be late for your meeting!

Congestion on our roads affects us all, from those in their own cars frustrated with delays and the lack of parking spaces to those walking their children to school or taking the healthy option of cycling to work.

It's a problem... and social enterprises like dealing with problems. These mission-driven businesses are built by people passionate for change and often set up to overcome an issue society faces. They can't solve all the world's problems but they can play their part.

Visit to find out how social enterprises are promoting safe, active and sustainable journeys.

Saltford Primary School celebrates Active Travel Award

A Bath and North East Somerset primary school has become the first in the area to achieve a Modeshift STARS Silver Award.

Saltford Church of England Primary School has introduced a number of measures to encourage cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. These include free active travel breakfasts for those who walk, scoot or cycle to school; ‘active ambassadors’ to represent pupils and develop ideas to improve travel to school and poster competitions. New bike racks and scooter pods have been installed along with bikeability training for year 5 and 6 pupils.

To find out more visit

National Sustainable Travel Awards - nominations closed

Thank you to all Members who submitted a nomination for this year's National Sustainable Travel Awards. There are some amazing projects and initiatives being organised up and down the country.

We received over 90 entries this year. The Modeshift Management Board have the hard task of shortlisting the nominations to put forward three entries in each category. These will be announced in September when Members will be invited to vote for their favourite.

Watch out for more info next month!

Air Quality Action Plan

How does the Government intend to reduce roadside Nitrogen Dioxide levels so they meet the legal requirements? Please visit to find out more.

Broxap Bring you their Benefits of Cycling to School

With children spending more time behind screens than outside, cycling can be a healthy and fun way of encouraging children to enjoy the outdoors. Encouraging children to cycle or even scoot from a young age will equip children with a skill for life. It’s a good starting point to get children out and about and on their bike.

Benefits of Cycling To School

Encourages Independence: Allowing children to take control of their journey, will help them to feel more confident and independent as children have to negotiate the journey themselves, understanding the risks while making key decisions to arrive at school safely and on time.

Good For The Environment: Dropping children off in the car at the school gate causes congestion, which contributes to bad air quality for staff, students and local residents and local wildlife. It’s in everyone's best interests to try and reduce carbon emissions which is dangerous for all!

An Active Start To The Day: The NHS organisation Change4Life recommend that children aged from 5-16 years should be active for at least 60 minutes a day. Cycling to and from school is the easiest way to introduce exercise to children’s daily routine, encourage healthy growth and development, help children to maintain a healthy weight.

Promotes Mental Wellbeing: Mental Health Charity MIND explain how physical activity can be very beneficial for our mental health and wellbeing. Encouraging children to engage in the daily exercise of cycling to school can be helpful in safeguarding against mental health issues and is likely to reduce anxiety and stress that can stem from all aspects of a child's life.

How can your school promote cycling?

Having somewhere dry and safe to park a bike can be an influencing factor in whether students and staff cycle decide to school. It’s important that schools provide secure cycle shelters for children and staff on the school premise. Without this it’s possible that parents will be put off if they have to bring bikes to and from school daily.

Entering your school in annual cycling events for example, The Big Pedal or Bike To School Week is a fun way to encourage participation

Setting up a student rewards system/ competition that encourages students to cycle to school is sure be a big hit!

Cycling and Staying Safe

Often is the case when it comes to children cycling to school that far too many parents have serious reservations about the dangers of cycling to school. And while these reservations are by no means unfounded, the benefits of cycling more than outweigh the risks involved.

It’s extremely important to everyone at Broxap that everyone who cycles to school stay safe, so we’ve put together a list of safety tips:

  • Wear a Helmet - check that your helmet fits properly
  • Be Safe, Be Seen - make sure you are visible by wearing hi-vis or fluorescent clothing or bands
  • Be Careful Where You Ride - always avoid cycling in areas where common falls occur
  • Hand Signals - Signals help motorists know where you are going
  • General Rules of the Road - Follow the rules of the road, do not carry a passenger and keep both hands on the handlebars

Case Study:

At Broxap, our status as suppliers of the largest selection of cycle racks and cycle storage shelters in the UK, increases our ability to influence and ultimately facilitate transport alternatives in an inclusive way. Over the years, we’ve been involved in a large number of cycle storage projects that have helped to facilitate cycling solutions for everyone!

In a project, which saw us working as part of a tripartite effort with Leicester Council and Freestyle BMX Champion Keelan Phillips, we installed two best-selling Wardale Cycle Shelters and Scooter Racks in Burbage Junior School in Hinckley. This project was aimed at helping to promote, encourage and ultimately facilitate the ability that children have in being able to substitute their normal mode of transport for a cycling alternative, to and from the school.

Pedibal Announce - Cycle to Work Scheme

Pedibal now operate the government CYCLE to WORK SCHEME allowing Local Authorities the opportunity to offer staff members and companies a LOW-COST sustainable transport solution with all the advantages and benefits of the scheme.

The scheme can provide the unique ‘NAVIGATA’ conveniently fully folding eBike, with ‘Easy Wheel’ for secure inside parking, commuting and storage.

Example of savings of the scheme:

Savings of 32% – 41% for employees and NI contributions for Local Authorities and participating companies


Basic Rate Taxpayer – 20% Income Tax – 12% NI

Income Tax & NI Saved – £320

Net Monthly Payments £56.66

Total Cost of Cycle Scheme Package £680

Percentage Saving over 12-months 32%

Net Cost of ‘NAVIGATA’ eBike £680

Higher Rate Taxpayer – 40% Income Tax – 2% NI

Income Tax & NI Saved £420

Net Monthly Payments £48.34

Total Cost of Cycle Scheme package £580

Percentage Saving over 12-months 42%

Net cost of ‘NAVIGATA’ eBike £580

For more information visit


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