National Sustainable Travel Awards DEADLINE EXTENDED

Thank you to those members who have submited their nominations for this year's Modeshift Awards.

Apply Now for Your Free Brightkidz School Flyers

Despite the heat we're thinking ahead to help you get ready for the autumn term.  Local authorities can now request free 'active travel to school' info/resource leaflets from Modeshift partner Brightkidz.

Meet the Modeshift Team - Heather Bolton

Modeshift BoardJob title: Transport Planner, Telford & Wrekin Council

Modeshift Convention and AGM

We will be returning to Sheffield City Hall, on 1st and 2nd November 2018 for the Modeshift Annual Convention. We have an action packed agenda full of insight designed to share best practice in removing the barriers to sustainable travel.

Meet the Modeshift Team - Sarah Grattage

Modeshift Board MembersJob title: School Travel Adviser, Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Road Safety Week - 19th to 25th November

This is a chance to engage children, staff, parents and the wider community, launch campaigns, and work towards safer streets – using FREE resources from Brake.

Sun shines on Hackney Bike Around the Borough

A sea of smiling faces and gleaming bikes greeted onlookers on 28 June as hundreds of children cycled around Hackney for Bike Around the Borough 2018.

Little Feet - Living Streets Walking Challenge

This month a brand new walking challenge aimed at children aged 2-5 has been launched by charity for everyday walking, Living Streets.

Solutions for the School Run

Inconsiderate parking outside schools is a reoccurring problem that seems to have no solution. It seems whatever we try and do, the problem goes a way for a while before returning to haunt us again. Many drivers will say they are ‘only there for a moment, what harm are they doing’. Others simply seem unaware of how their behaviour affects young children.

Meet the Modeshift Team - Polly Stebbens

Modeshift Board MembersJob title: School Travel Advisor, Brighton & Hove City Council

Hello from Stylebrands

For those who may not know us very well yet we’ll use this space as an introduction to Style Brands. We supply:

- Promotional Products

- Sports-, Work- and Safety wear

- Printed Literature (e.g. leaflets, posters, brochures)

- Office Supplies and Furniture

- Web and Graphic design

Based in the Kent countryside near Canterbury, we are a family business and one of the longest standing Modeshift Partners. Working with Modeshift grew very organically for us as suppliers to Transport for London for well over a decade, providing everything from graphic design to T-Shirts to high visibility goods, water bottles, travel wallets and pin badges.

Recent Work & Projects

London Borough of Hackney / Chassidic JTA Resource
At the start of this year we completed an adaptation of the existing JTA resource with Hackney Council, creating a version that is appropriate for Chassidic (Hasidic) schools in the local area. Hackney has a very tight knit Jewish community, which the council has often had difficulties engaging with in regards to sustainable travel and behaviour change. They will use it to help pave the way for a better relationship between the various local Chassidic communities, and spark more conversations about road safety and sustainable travel within Chassidic groups around the UK. Style Brands illustrated Jewish child characters (boys only) travelling in a number of modes, and together with Hackney amended the text and layout of the brochure. So far the resource has received positive feedback and a number of boys schools report that their students have enjoyed using them.

If this is something you think could use within your Local Authority and would like more information on, please contact

London Transport Museum / YTA Products
Our ongoing relationship with the Museum has seen a large number of products produced for many of the schools participating in the YTA Scheme. We regularly supply travel card wallets (“Oyster wallets”), pedometers, vinyl banners and posters often printed with winning students’ drawings. Schools run various drawing competitions to highlight the aspects of road safety they’ve been working on over the year and the competitions often run across different year groups, which means a great range of subjects and interpretations come through for printing. A few of the subjects students have discussed are:

- Treating others with kindness, respect and consideration while travelling
- Crossing the road safely (Stop, Look, Listen)
- Zebra crossings
- Use of Mobile Devices while travelling
- Benefits of Active Travel

Love To Ride (Modeshift Partner) / Bike Seat Covers
We worked with fellow Modeshift Partner Love to Ride to develop their own bespoke custom printed bike seat covers, which they have gone on to use at trade shows, hand out to happy customers and generally use to help promote their work in getting more people cycling, more often. The covers are colour matched to Love To Ride’s branding with their simple, eye-catching heart icon design printed over the top. We think they look great!

Contact Details

If you have any questions, would like to know more about a particular product, service or perhaps not quite sure where to start with a campaign or initiative, please give us a call on 01795 890 900, email or visit our website

To see our most popular clothing garments please click follow link here: CLOTHING

Anuschka Natley is your Modeshift Representative at Style Brands, she is contactable via

Our children can no longer wait for action on obesity

Every parent wants the best for their children; for their life chances, their health and most of all their happiness.

So when we think about the food families buy, we start with the firm understanding that parents want to do a good job.

But this is not always easy. How many parents have time to calculate the sugar, salt and fat in their meals or overcome ‘pester power’ while navigating supermarket aisles?

For those who believe that state action is wrong, the evidence says our children cannot wait any longer.

To find out more visit

Five Top Tips for Writing a Nomination for the Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards 2018

It is the height of summer with a heat wave sweeping the nation. Meanwhile at Modeshift we have our sights on a cooler time of year. We are planning for the Modeshift Convention and Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards 2018 that takes place this November.

The 2018 National Sustainable Travel Awards are open for nominations, the deadline closes on the 20th July so there is plenty of time to prepare your nominations. With that in mind here are our top tips for preparing your National Sustainable Travel Awards nominations:

1. Prepare your nomination in word, this way when you come to upload it to the website you have a backup copy to keep. We have a template available on the Modeshift website for you to use. Visit:

2. National Travel Award Nominations are judged by the Modeshift Board and Modeshift Partners. Make sure that you clearly explain your project, so it can be understood by all. Why not get someone to proof read your nomination and get them to relay it back to you.

3. Keep it simple but provide detail. Think about how you can structure the nomination using the sections identified in the nomination template. Consider the key points you want to make. Make sure you provide insight into the facts, figures and the impact that your project delivered. Go into detail about who the beneficiaries were and what impact you had on them.

4. Don’t be afraid to include the challenges, setbacks and difficulties your project faced. This is quite often the making of good projects. Demonstrate what you did to overcome these problems. This is partly why we chose the theme of “Removing the Barriers to Sustainable Travel” at the Modeshift 2018 Convention.

5. Make sure to submit evidence relating to your nomination. Think carefully about what you include and how it is presented.

Remember make sure that all evidence is under 3mb and in jpg format.

Finally make sure that you login into the Modeshift website to submit you nomination and receive a confirmation email that your application has been submitted.

We are looking forward to the National Sustainable Travel Awards with great anticipation. Remember to connect with us on Twitter - @Modeshift1 and follow our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for all the latest news and information.

POGU – Protect what matters…

Pogu is a Cumbria based business supplying innovative reflective safety accessories for children and adults. We supply to customers across Europe and our products range from reflective straps for buggies, to bike wheel stickers, to reflective clothing stickers visible from 200 metres. Kids love the stickers as they are fun to wear (stars, triangles, circles, flowers and more) and parents love them as they are easy to apply, easy to remove and can be made semi permanent by ironing. They are also tested to the highest safety specifications and use the most advanced reflective technology in the world.

We take our CSR seriously and support UK manufacturing, and the UK economy by having 50% of our products custom made in the UK. The other 50% is made in China in factories personally quality checked by us - both facilities and product standards. We use the best products, not the cheapest, whilst striving to provide value for money for the consumer.

Our multi award winning products are available as a reward scheme for schools. The scheme offers discounts to parents, rewards for the school (which can be redeemed against products) and a free promotional pack with ideas and practical applications of the products. The reward scheme is great for walk to school incentives, walking buses, cycling to school groups and other school based initiatives to promote healthier, more active kids, parents and communities.

Our products have been designed to be simple and incredibly effective. Simple to apply, completely waterproof, no batteries required and providing over 200m reflective visibility to a car headlight.

Kids wearing Pogu reflective clothing can be seen – Pogu protects what matters.

If you have a question or would like more information please contact

Exhaust and High-Risk: Polluting the Gateway to Learning

Year on year, we see an increase in awareness of the importance of sustainable travel. However, there is still a country-wide activity which sees vehicles causing problems. It may seem easier to simply bundle your kids into your car for the school run but, as huge numbers continue to do this, there are some really worrying effects.

Despite vibrant curriculums and hardworking staff, most school gates remain a far cry from the welcoming entrance which bright colours and signage hope to promote. This is through no fault of the schools themselves but is in fact down to danger and pollution caused by dozens of cars around the site.

As car engines idle and excitable children attempt to navigate traffic, the health and safety conditions of school surroundings are at risk.

To supporters of Modeshift, there is a clear solution to this issue. Of course, we’re not able to completely eliminate cars from the school run any time soon! However, we can make a big dent in the numbers by making it easier to cycle to school.

The first step to enabling this progress is to make schools cycle-friendly. Take this project at St Peter’s Primary School in Leicester, for example. The installation of secure cycle parking facilities encouraged such an increase in the popularity of cycling that the school anticipate a need for even more!

In catering for staff and students, schools not only promote sustainable travel, they also encourage an all-round healthier lifestyle. This means more people will arrive at lessons with stimulated minds and an active presence. This is particularly conducive to a positive learning environment.

If more schools introduce cycle parking facilities at their school, we will soon see a change in the face of the school run.

Arriving at and leaving school will be safer and healthier for everyone and, furthermore, active pupils will see academic and physical benefits for years to come.

Explore Broxap’s wide range of cycle parking facilities.

Meet the Modeshift Team - Janine McCretton

Modeshift Board MembersJob title: Senior Sustainable Transport Officer

Modeshift Board Responsibility: South West Representative

How long have you been with Modeshift? Since 2015.

If you could only choose to promote one way to travel, what would it be and why? Walking is my favourite mode. I live about half an hours walk away from my home and walk to work every day whatever the weather. It helps me keep active and I get my 10,000 steps in. I try and vary my route as much as I can; it could be a walk through the busy streets, or along the river through a park or through the old part of the city and there is also something to look at. Today I noticed a Blue Plaque on a building that I hadn’t noticed before – its showing that Dr Elizabeth Blackwell lived in a street in St Pauls, she was born in 1821 and was the first woman to be placed on the Medical Register and to practice in England.

Tell us something we didn’t know about you? I used to be a circus performer, stilt walker and trapeze artist.

What’s your biggest work achievement to date? I set up the Bristol Family Cycling Centre - where people of all ages and abilities can learn to cycle in a traffic free environment.

What do you do for fun? I spend time on my narrowboat and love canals and rivers. I am also a very proficient sock knitter!

Why Walking is Good for Children's Mental Health

See the latest Brightkidz blog for a feature on walking and children's mental health, including links to research. It could be the information you need to get schools on board.

South Yorkshire stride on Clean Air Day

In recognition of National Clean Air Day this year PWLC’s STARS South Yorkshire Team have undertaken a huge one-day challenge - walking a 16 mile route passing through all 4 local authorities in the region while encouraging schools on or near the route to either join in the walk or run a ShoeShare event.

Thursday 21st June was Global Action Plan’s 2ndClean Air Day, with schools, workplaces and individuals across the nation undertaking activities to improve air quality both indoors and outdoors and spread the word about air pollution its causes and remedies.

Clean Air day is now more important than ever with recent research highlighting that the health damage associated with diesel vehicle emissions are around 20 times greater than electric vehicles and at least 5 times greater than those associated with petrol vehicles. The total health cost to the UK from cars and vans is £6 billion each year, with almost 90% of this coming from diesel vehicles.

Global Action Plan have identified that swapping 1 in 4 car journeys in urban areas for walking or cycling could save over £1.1 billion in health damage costs per year.

PWLC’s STARS South Yorkshire Team decided to do the walk on Clean Air Day in order to demonstrate both the importance of action for Clean Air and to ‘put their money where their mouth is’ - showing their schools how much they care about active and sustainable travel. The route will start in Rotherham, covering approximately 8 miles into Sheffield where they enjoyed lunch at Elsecar Heritage Centre. Followed by a ten-mile section in the afternoon between Elsecar (Barnsley) and Conisbrough (Doncaster). They were inspired in part by South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership’s 10 day active travel challenge.

Schools located near the route were invited to join the walk for sections and schools in the region were encouraged to take part in some kind of walking activity on the day – a walk to school day, a daily mile or other step challenge. In addition to this the team linked up with Unicef and Clarks Shoes to promote the ShoeShare Scheme. As part of Unicefs Rights for Respecting Schools campaign pupils are asked to bring their family’s old and unwanted shoes into school – In partnership with Clarks Shoes these are then sent for re-use. For every tonne of shoes collected, a donation is made to Unicef which goes towards education programmes around the world.

This campaign ties air quality issues, working with schools and the promotion of walking together beautifully as shoes usually take quite a few years to decompose, running shoes, for example can take up to 1000 years to break down. When breaking down, organic shoe materials such as leather release a harmful greenhouse gas called methane, and this gas contributes to climate change. Therefore, throwing away our unwanted shoes will not help the climate change problem to go away but recycling them will reduce the negative environmental impact.

As if this wasn’t enough, another member of the Team chose to cycle the Way of the Roses on 20th June. The Way of the Roses is a 170-mile coast to coast route, mostly on quiet roads or off-road cycle paths. Starting in Morecambe and finishing in Bridlington, the team hope to beat their 2012 time of 16 hours. The ride is also timed to coincide with a 10-day Active Travel Challenge that local schools are taking part in. Schools compete against each other to see who can get the most people travelling to school actively over a 2-week period. The hope is to inspire people to think, 'well if they can ride across Britain in a day then I can easily come to school on my bike!'

We’re proud to be involved with and supporting Unicef and Clean Air Day this year. If you want your schools to help less fortunate young people around the world take their first steps into education go to

If you want to learn more about air pollution and access some great resources that can be used across the year go to GAPs Clean Air Day website

What activities did you plan for National Clean Air Day

National Clean Air Day took place on Thursday 21st June. We would love to hear about your activities. Email us at to tell us what you did.

More information about Clean Air Day can be found at

Meet the Modeshift Team - Steve Glazebrook

Modeshift Board MembersJob title: Vice-chair for Business & Communities

Modeshift Board Responsibility: Provide stakeholder engagement support for developing our membership with Local Authorities and partners. Also, supporting a strategic approach and decision making around new practices and funding.

How long have you been with Modeshift? Since 2012 time has really gone so fast.

If you could only choose to promote one way to travel, what would it be and why? The easiest way of all walking I find it relaxing, sociable and an independent way of travelling.

Tell us something we didn’t know about you? I really don’t like heights so taking on the Sydney harbour bridge climb was a big challenge and no it did not help to overcome my fear of heights!

What’s your biggest work achievement to date? Working on a Rail community engagement project with young people who had a number of personal problems and seeing them develop and build confidence through the duration of the project.

What do you do for fun? Countryside walking I find it very rewarding. Also, i enjoy socialising with friends. On the other side of the spectrum predicting when, if ever, my team Everton will win anything again. I also enjoy tennis.

To find out more about the Modeshift Board visit

Love to Ride

Love to Ride are Bristol-based behaviour change experts that aim is to get more people on bikes, more often and for transport. They run a year-round calendar of events to do just that.

It's an approach that has achieved some remarkable results: 325,000 people and over 18,000 workplaces have taken part in Love to Ride programmes in twelve countries.

Typically, 40% of new riders who engage in their programmes go on to ride at least once a week and 43% of occasional riders start riding regularly.

Love to Ride works because it offers something for everyone, from sporty cyclists who can link Strava and automatically upload their rides, to occasional riders who are incentivised and empowered to try riding for transport.

New riders are given the information and advice they need to access confidence-boosting services and try riding socially with friends and colleagues.

See how Love to Ride works in their brand new video:

The next event of 2018 is Bike Week. From 9-17 June everyone across the UK can give the gift of cycling.

There will be daily prizes up for grabs, plus prizes for encouraging others, inspirational stories and great photographs.

It doesn't matter whether you ride to work, the shop or just around the block, so long as you log your rides.

There are plenty of amazing prizes up for grabs. Make sure to keep an eye on Cycling UK's Bike Week site for a bunch of events to help you get out on your bike this June.

Find out more at the Love to Ride and Bike Week websites.

Bike Week is a great opportunity for workplaces to build their teams for the main Love to Ride event, Cycle September, when the organisations with the highest percentage of staff riding in their size category will win, plus there will be amazing prizes for individuals and encouragers.

Based on behaviour change principles, Cycle September is fun and accessible for all, so participants only need to ride for ten minutes to contribute to their team’s score and they can ride anywhere, anytime during September. Individuals are also incentivised to take part with a whole range of prizes and rewards.

Employers love what Love to Ride do because it’s a free team-building exercise that’s a bit of fun in the workplace, but it also fosters a cycling community and helps unlock the benefits of a healthier, more active workforce.

The success of national Love to Ride events in places like New Zealand and the USA suggest that workplaces worldwide are waking up to the significant benefits they can reap by encouraging their staff to cycle.

People who commute by bike take half the sick leave of colleagues who use other modes of transport, plus organisations stand to gain from reduced need for parking and, through the Cycle to Work Scheme, lower National Insurance Contributions (individuals save between 25 and 39% on the cost of a bike and equipment for commuting).

It’s completely free for organisations where we are funded locally and comes with a modest cost for those that aren’t – email for more info.

Find out more at:

And get in touch at

National Sustainable Travel Awards are launched!

It's that time of year again!

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 National Sustainable Travel Awards are open for your nominations, in 10 categories:

  • Excellence in Walking -
  • Excellence in Cycling - sponsored by Cyclepods
  • Best Partnership - sponsored by PWLC Projects
  • Contribution to Sustainable Travel - Individual - sponsored by Living Streets
  • Contribution to Sustainable Travel - Team award - sponsored by Broxap Ltd
  • Contribution to Sustainable Travel - Organisation - sponsored by Scootfit
  • Best Sustainable Travel Initiative - Education - sponsored by Brightkidz
  • Best Sustainable Travel Initiative - Business - sponsored by David Richards Ltd
  • Best Sustainable Travel Initiative - Community - sponsored by Love to Ride
  • Best Project under £1000 - sponsored by Style Brands Ltd

This is your opportunity to shout about your sustainable travel iniiatives and projects and share them with your Modeshift colleagues.

We are also delighted to announce that all Winners and Finalists will receive a logo to add to their letterheads and websites. Previous winners have found these a great way to raise awareness of their project and promote their success to a wider audience.

logo logo

For further information please go to the Awards 2018 webpage.

Have you renewed your Modeshift Membership?

As 2018 picks up pace, it is the time of year where we are asking you to renew your Local Authority Modeshift Membership. If you haven’t already done so, here’s a reminder of what is included in the Local Authority Membership.

What do you get as part of your Membership?

Emerging best practice in sustainable travel for your Local Authority officers through:

• Regional networking and information sharing meetings. Includes lunch and refreshments

• One free space at the National Modeshift Sustainable Convention.

- Includes accommodation and catering.

• Participation in the National Sustainable Travel Awards

• Weekly newsfeeds containing news articles, events, ideas, research and offers

• Information and advice support service (phone and email) for LA officers

• Online e-forum for sharing issues/questions/practice

• Online knowledge bank of materials, documents, case studies, presentations and policy


• Discounted and free products and services from Modeshifts partners

Professional development for your Local Authority officers through:

• Events and networking opportunities

How much does Modeshift Membership cost?

Modeshift Membership costs £399.00 per year (1st April until 31st March).

How is the membership fee decided?

The Modeshift Management board propose a number of membership options at the AGM for

members to vote on. Fees were increased in 2017/18 with no proposed changes until 2020/21.

What is Modeshift?

Modeshift is a national membership organisation that specialises in active and sustainable travel and provides behaviour change support for those working with all audiences. Modeshift also seeks to influence national debate, government policy and public opinion - and works with other

organisations to achieve common goals.


• To increase and support active and sustainable modes of travel journeys

• To support the provision of skills, training and knowledge to its members

Who owns Modeshift?

Local Authority members are all shareholders of Modeshift and have a say on the constitution that governs Modeshift as well as a vote on Modeshift’s delivery and members of the Management Board.

For more information regarding Modeshift Membership visit:

Please note

The deadline for Membership renewals is Friday 29th June.If your local authority is no longer a member of Modeshift we are required to revoke access to the Modeshift website and delete the individual user accounts for the Modeshift website as we no longer require this personal information.

We are doing this in accordance with our privacy policy ensuring that Modeshift adheres to GDPR legislation. Full information regarding our privacy policy is found at

If your local authority will like to take up Modeshift Membership after this date, your local authority just needs to visit and reapply for membership. At this point you will be able to re-register to the Modeshift Website and gain access to our membership benefits.

Meet the Modeshift Team - Chris Ward

Modeshift Board MembersJob title: Travel Plan Officer at Suffolk County Council.

Modeshift Board Responsibility: Regional Representative – East of England.

How long have you been with Modeshift? Six months.

If you could only choose to promote one way to travel, what would it be and why? Rail – It’s fast and you can enjoy plenty of good scenery on the journey.

Tell us something we didn’t know about you? I did student radio in my third year at university, presenting a Saturday night show on trance music (from artists such as Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, etc).

What’s your biggest work achievement to date? Helping the Local Planning Authorities in Suffolk to understand the need for Travel Plans for new development and getting greater support by them to secure them more effectively through the planning process.

What do you do for fun? I do enjoy the odd trip to a local beer festival to sample rare beers and ciders. I also enjoy going to the football (Arsenal and Ipswich Town) and to the theatre to see the odd play or stand-up comedy routine. Film is another pastime I enjoy when not out and about.

To find out more about the Modeshift Board visit

Air pollution: a tool to estimate healthcare costs

A new report highlights the following main findings of air pollution on the NHS. They include the following:

  • In England, the total NHS and social care cost due to PM2.5 in 2017 was estimated to be £41.20 million (based on data where there is more robust evidence for an association), increasing to £76.10 million when diseases are included where the evidence is associative or emerging.
  • In England, the total cost to the NHS and social care due to NO2 in 2017 is estimated to be £1.68 million (based on data where there is more robust evidence for an association), increasing to £81.06 million when diseases are included where the evidence is associative or emerging.

For more information visit

Scooting Excursions and Scooter Hire

Modeshift partner Scoot Fit is launching the very first scooter excursions and scooter hire in MeidaCityUK - this summer.

Families and tourists will be taken on an hour long scoot around MediaCityUK, taking in sights such as the BBC Studios, ITV studios, the Lowry and Wakeboarding Park.

Along with sightseeing, the excursions are about improving people's skill and ability on a scooter to give them the confidence to scoot in their own time. Each group will scoot for 3-5mins before they come to a challenge area that will help improve their braking, speed management, control and confidence on a scooter.

If you are a local authority and would like this in your town or city, please email us today at

Meet the Modeshift Team - Rob Bounds

Modeshift board membersJob title: Senior Transport Officer for Sustainable Travel to School

Modeshift Board Responsibility: East and West Midlands regional co-ordinator

How long have you been with Modeshift? I’ve been working in school travel since 2004 & so I’ve attended local authority school travel forum meetings in their various guises since then! I joined the Modeshift board in 2012

If you could only choose to promote one way to travel, what would it be and why? As I can’t decide between bicycles and scooters – I’m going to go off on a tangent and say horse! I like the idea of having a mode of travel with its own personality and you’d always have a constant supply of fertiliser for the roses!

Tell us something we didn’t know about you? I have quite a few pets – including an aviary of noisy cockatiels, budgerigars & a variety of finches, a very cheeky cat, a rabbit whose tunnelling talents match the Great Escape and an axolotl – which is the neotenic larval form of the Mexican salamander if you didn’t know!

What’s your biggest work achievement to date? I can’t think of one specific thing but I take a lot of pleasure and a sense of achievement every time I see someone master the skill of cycling or scooting as part of the work we do in schools to promote active travel.

What do you do for fun? I write and illustrate stories for children – primarily for my nieces and nephews but the audience is now widening….

To find out more about the Modeshift Board visit

Modeshift CPD Training: An Introduction to Travel Plans (Manchester)

Modeshift's 'Introduction to Travel Plans' is for local authority members of staff new to travel planning. The course covers school, workplace and residential travel plans.

Attendees will be introduced to travel plans and initiatives and shown how to write an effective travel plan.

The 'Introduction to Travel Plans' takes place in Manchester on Friday 15th June, 9.30am to 4pm and costs just £199 for members.

To find out more and book your place visit

Modeshift Membership Renewal and GDPR

If you haven’t already renewed your Modeshift Local Authority Membership for 2018/19 you have until Friday 29th June to renew.

If your local authority is no longer a member of Modeshift we are required to revoke access to the Modeshift website and delete the individual user accounts for the Modeshift website as we no longer require this personal information. We are doing this in accordance with our privacy policy ensuring that Modeshift adheres to GDPR legislation. Full information regarding our privacy policy is found at

If your local authority will like to take up Modeshift Membership after this date, your local authority just needs to visit and reapply for membership. At this point you will be able to re-register to the Modeshift Website and gain access to our membership benefits.

Modeshift membership has over £1000 worth of benefits, including:

–2 x Regional meetings (Summer & Winter)


–Unlimited users on the Modeshift website

–Online forum and knowledge bank

–National Sustainable Travel Awards

–Fully funded convention space for one person

–A free Scooterpod from Cyclepods worth £350

–Option to sign-up to Modeshift STARS and STARSfor

–Other discounts and offers from partners and supporters

Membership only costs £399 and you can also pay in advance for 2019/20 now for the same price of £399. For more information email

We want your news

We are always looking for good news stories and best practise to share with members. If you are running a successful initiative please let us know and we may be able to feature it in the newsletter. Please email

The Modeshift Management Board


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